Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Joseph

Joey has another big surgery tomorrow to close up the hole in his heart, the last of his 3 heart defects. Apparently it's as open as open-heart surgery gets. Please keep the whole family in your prayers. Especially ask God to allow this surgery, hospital stay and post-surgical care at home to be complication-free. Joey has a penchant for taking simple things and complicating them beyond anyone's expectations. We are hoping that since this is complicated already then maybe he'll just travel the shortest route to health. A to B. Not A to L to R back to M and finally to B. Just a simple A to B would be good for all. Especially since this A to B is flippin complicated just by itself.
He is going into this surgery healthy and ready to go. He's getting so chubby and plump that I think he could live off of his cheeks for a week in he needed to. His Gram is in town to take care of the girls, his mommy is ready for a campout in the hospital with her i-touch and projects. Daddy is in a good flexible position with work so he can be around.
But, all this said - they have a 4-month old having his 3rd major heart surgery. Please offer up your own sufferings over the next couple of weeks for them. It's the best way to help. Thanks, all.
This picture was 2 surgeries ago - I can't find my camera to load up a new picture of his fabulous cheeks but I'll keep looking for it.

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