Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All that I’m not doing

Yesterday was a fabulous home-schooly type day. Lots of creative, hands-on, passionate, child-led learning in the heart of our wintry home. It was everything that I see homeschooling as being in my mind’s eye. My camera had been left elsewhere for the day so I have no pictures to show you and as I was regretting this the fact dawned on me… the thing to do is not to tell you about all the neat-o things that I did yesterday but instead to tell you about all the things that I did not do. This will be my own little antidote to that crappy mixed feeling of envy, guilt, admiration, inadequacy, self-doubt and judgementalism that are so easy to fall into while reading the blog records of all the great mom's out there who look like they have it so together. We are all choosing all the time. If someone looks like that are “doing it all” then be sure that they are not. We had a great homeschool day yesterday and yet we did NOT…

  • Do any Religion, Math, Spelling, Spanish, Science or History. What does that leave? Nature Study, that’s what.
  • Any laundry
  • Any dedicated preschool time
  • The grocery shopping at the proposed time
  • Daddy had to pull dinner together so I could get the grocery shopping in (no milk and a “big storm” coming).

There are only so many hours in the day, only so many arms gifted to each mom, only so many creative cells endowed to each brain, only so much energy granted to the sleepless parents out here. I had a great day yesterday – one that I hope I’ll remember even without the aid of a camera but I don’t want to feed the culture of ‘never-good-enough’ that is the siren call of the mom-blog world so I’ll just keep it to myself. I hope you enjoyed YOUR day too.


(I did manage to get one picture at the end of the day. I just can’t get enough of this sight. How dear is he? My newly independent reader. He didn’t even notice me and the flashing camera. I could just eat him up.)

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  1. We had a great day too! I could just eat him up Alexis. How wonderful that he can read, way to go teacher.