Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Flu: Weeks 2 and 3

flu 034So things have been winding down here with The Illness. One by one the troops began to revive, the fevers lifted (with Cecilia’s squeezing every last bit out) and then we settled into the cough-that-portends-death and the snotty-nose-that-portends-the-snot-covered-shoulder. So here we were - all energized and wanting to explode out of the house but knowing that we sound like the Band of Death coming to infect the masses. We stayed home another few days. Doing…



flu 013flu 002

Lots and lots of dressup.

“C’mon, Thomas. We can be ladies.”

“OK Rosie!”




flu 160Flying a dragon kite.
Having tea…with the queen. flu 010

flu 029Generally taking out our energies on Mom. Yes that is four sticks of butter on my coffee table.

We began our foray into polite society at the Saturday night Vigil Mass. Which was packed. So we had to sit in the front. BAD NEWS. CeCe and Thomas just couldn’t contain their enthusiasm at seeing people other then the 6 of us and there was a slightly unsavory character taking up the crynook/room so we just did our best to stay cool under pressure and fed CeCe as many pamphlets as she could handle. Thomas we just…I honestly don’t remember. It wasn’t good though so I guess I just blocked it out. Sometimes I thank God that I have no braincells left.
Sunday we were led astray by ambitious weather-men who wanted to promised lovely Spring-like weather. We travelled an hour and half to a beautiful national park only to play for 10 minutes in a subdivision playground and decide that it was way too cold. Luckily we came up with a plan to meet some great friends at the Air and Space Museum. So the day was saved after all.

 flu 211.flu 188

Valentine’s made it in there too with a pretty amazing dinner and dessert prepared at home AFTER the kiddos were in bed



We’ve been bopping along all blissfully healthy since Sunday and I have repeatedly said that it’s truly amazing how much more productive the family can be when our bodies are on our side. We went from working at about 85% efficiency before the flu to – no joke – about 7% efficiency during it. Monday and Tuesday we were climbing our way back up and I’d say we were approaching 80% when BAM! The flu got it’s last word in (please, please be the last word). We’ve got a couple double ear infection patients bringing us down to about 50%. Darn kids. Don’t they know we’ve got a family to run? A home to keep? Memories to make?

Ten days of antibiotics and all the lovely benefits to the digestion that it will bring will bring us up to a total of 4 flu-ridden weeks. But this is the last woe-is-me post that I will share about it. Unless of course (and the likelihood of this happening is quite high) that we get a story out of it worthy of the title, Poop Chronicles. Only time will tell.


  1. Love your blog! I know it sounds terrible, but it's nice to hear that misery is shared. We had the plague, too, and are all SO MUCH happier now that the coughing has subsided and the remainder of the antibiotics are being thrown away. Kudos for attempting the trip to the park - can't wait to do that again...let's hope the forecast for the next two days is right.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that Flu-maggedon is still going down there. Praying this is the final hurrah leading to months of uninteruppted wellness (and spring!)

    Sad to say even a post where you are talking about poop or illness makes my day every time :) I'm not sure if that is a reflection of how great you are at blogging, how sad my life is, or that any contact is good! Maybe a combo of all 3 ;)

    Love you.

  3. Our doctor always tells us to feed the kiddos yogurt when on antibiotics. (For him, it even trumps the 'no dairy until a year' rule...Anastasia was on yogurt at 8 months.) If you decide to, make sure to use the stuff with the active cultures, so that it can help restore the good bacteria in the stomach.

  4. You need to warn us when you change your blog settings. I wasn't sure what site I was on and it worried me that I clicked the other Alexis Love site on google.---eeek, scary thought.