Friday, February 4, 2011

Conversing with Rosebud

August.September2010 413

Rosie: When Natalie is a princess at her wedding I am going to be a princess too. I am going to wear a pink dress with roses and I am going to have a crown with pink hearts and I am going to have petals and throw them down. Mommy, I am sorry that I cried when you threw my petals at Miss Walker’s wedding. When Miss Walker was a princess then she was Mrs. Mileo I should not have cried.
Mommy: It’s OK Posy, I shouldn’t have thrown your petals down, that was silly. Hey, do you know who Natalie is marrying at her wedding?
Rosie: No.
Mommy: Uncle James!
Rosie: Oh! Wow! That is so great!

Mommy: Rosie, I found your beaded socks!
Rosie: Oh wow, mommy! You have great eyes! The perfect eyes for finding my beady socks! Bella shared these beady socks with me. It was so, so, so nice of her. She’s my best friend. Actually she is my best friend and Lucy and Jane are my best friends.

Rosie: Mommy, I think I’ve got the same sickness as Anthony.
Mommy: Well, you don’t have a fever. And you don’t have a cough. And you don’t have a stuffy nose. So I don’t think that you do have the same sickness.
Rosie: Well. Remember that time when I had the croupy cough and threw up in my bed? See? So I can be sick too.

After learning about the letter sound ‘mmmmm’.
Rosie: Mommy! I’ve got the sound for it! I L-L-L-LOVE M-M-M-Mommy.

With her arm around Thomas who is crying because I won’t let him go upstairs.
Rosie: C’mon honey. Sometimes it’s just difficult. Let’s go downstairs.

Unfortunately I cannot capture in words her hilarious looks that accompany all these conversations – her nostril/lip curl combo or her frequent double eyebrow raising or her self assured squeaky voice that can’t consistently say her L’s or R’s but somehow manages to be very articulate anyway. Can’t beat a three-year-old girl for sweetness.


  1. 3 year old girls really are fantastic. Although I'm sure they are fantastic at older ages too. We just haven't gotten there yet. I am really enjoying Gianna at age 3. :)

  2. THIS IS AWESOME! And I am glad that Rosie thinks Natalie and I getting married is "really great." I was beginning to have second thoughts, but now I am confident that I made the right decision.

  3. I do LOVE the Rosebud. Glad she isn't as sick as Anthony - but for heaven's sake don't tell her she can't be! :) My favorite: "C'mon honey. Sometimes it's just difficult." Words to live by Rose :D

    Love you guys!