Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Moving Days 1

Today was moving day #1. We loaded up almost the entire truck tonight with the help of several of David's former high school students who are now seminarians and also the help of my family. I CAN'T believe how much we got done, really, really. What an amazing group of hardworking folk. I'm so grateful! It was significantly more hectic and disorganized then I thought it would be because we had a very eventful morning instead of the calm morning of completing the packing and cleaning that I foolishly imagined.
I was overwhelmed leading up to today. The list just went on and on...But there's nothing like being overwhelmed to tempt God into adding one more thing to the pile so that you realize how good you had it before and how unreasonable you were being in wishing it to be simpler.
So here we were, already a bit behind - I was in a FOUL mood. No sleep + a pregnant brain trying to organize a cross-country move does not a happy woman make. And then we got a call from the hospital confirming that the x-rays that we spent ALL AFTERNOON getting yesterday were indeed of Moses' broken thumb.
That's right. His thumb is broken. He's got a cast. Which we spent all morning getting. Poor, poor boy. He got hit by a very fast, very wayward soccer ball on Sunday afternoon but he didn't seem nearly upset enough for me to think that it was anything more then a jammed thumb or something. I finally took him to the doc on Tuesday b/c although he wasn't complaining much it was still really swollen and bruised. Then we spent a really traumatic afternoon getting over our fear of the x-ray machine...the details are ugly and time is late so I'll spare you.
Anyway, today he is excited about the cast - thanks, at least in part, to the doctor who came into the examination room wearing an elephant nose.
Here are a couple of things that we discussed during this whole broken thumb business:
"How are they going to open my thumb to look inside it?"
"Which thumb do you like more? I like this one. (holding up the bruised, swollen one)
"I can't get my (insert anatomically correct word for boy anatomy) out!" (oh yeah, this is going to make potty training a blast!)
Me: "The bone in your thumb is broken."
Moses: "Oh! Wow! I didn't even know about that!"
Luckily the break is not at the growth plate and he should be out of the cast sometime after labor day, but no pools for the rest of the summer :(. At least we'll have a yard in the next 24 hours or so! No more pool but our very own yard...
OK, gotta run and finish up. I'm starting to really reach the end of my rope here, by the way. I'm just too run down to keep going but there's no choice! It's a cruel world...
Oh, also, we are returning our modem so I don't think I'll be able to post until at least Tuesday or so. Please keep us and our entourage in your prayers as we trek across the country.

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