Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Home and Gardens

Jeanne Marie Laskas is a really fun author that I've been reading a lot of over the past couple months, I just finished her 3rd book last night. I've marked lots of passages that I want to share with the little part of the blogosphere that Love Life fills up but I'll just start with this one because it exactly states how I feel about housekeeping. Since I live in a little apartment and have no balcony (cue: much wailing in my heart) my home is my garden.
Gardening is all about the urge for excellence, which a gardener never achieves, which is what keeps the gardener hooked. Gardening is about power. You are the master of that world. You are the king and queen and the duke and the duchess. You see what happens when you can tame a four-by-six slice of nature, and pretty soon you think: What about ten by twenty? You tame, and you tame, and you tame, and all you can see is what is not tamed.

That is my gardener spirit at work in my little slice of apartment eden to a tee.
Link to picture.

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