Sunday, October 14, 2007

Houston, we have a problem...

Just got back from retreat. Now I'm on the computer doing my best impression of escapism. I was clearly not prepared for re-entry - my heat shields are burning up, the oxogyn is getting very thin, and my voice is high and squeaky. So, here I am, trying to ignore the smells and sounds coming from the children and poking around on Facebook and blogs. How do I deal with this level of need and chaos on a daily basis? My brain must have been fried somewhere along the way, because after a weekend of calm and quiet and prayer and adults I am clearly not able to handle all these sensations.
Well, there is just only so much escapism allowed to a mom and I have used several days worth here so I will be cleaning up the strained peaches from the carpet first and then fixing one malfunctioning control at a time until my brain is back to being fried enough that it can process the madness of multi-tasking without overload. Don't they have some sort of simulation machine set up for mom coming home after a retreat?

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