Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday morning redeemed

It's a tired sort of day. I was up and down all night long nursing Lily and each time I'd get up I'd feel my sore throat getting worse and worse. Strep has been hanging around in my family so I'm leaning toward that diagnosis.
Then the other child made several attempts from 3 a.m. onward to change beds. The first new bed was in his doorway. David got up and saw him sleeping on the floor and put him back in his bed. The second new bed was a little further out, in the hallway. The third new bed was immediately outside of our door and this time he turned on a light and brought all of his blankets too. So, ultimately, we woke up tired, overwhelmed and already behind (no exercising or Mass this morning). And if there is one thing that I do not like it is being behind on a Monday morning. The whole week seems colored by it.
The kids, on the other hand, woke up very pleased with the world. In fact during the 15 minutes that it took us to get into the car, drop Davidoff at work and then get home again Moses had expressed these sentiments:
I wike Daddy's work.
I wike Fr. Lobert.
I wike Fr. Lobert's church.
I wike everybody.
I wike Gordon.
I wike school buses. (which, by the by, he firmly believes are all occupied by highschool football teams)
I wike these stairs.
I wike these holes. (the space inbetween each stair)
And all this wiking took place before 7:30 a.m. They say, "when mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". This is true. But today it's definitely working in reverse. Thank you Tony Mo, I wike you awot.

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