Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Big Man

The Love-Husband of Team Love is an average sized American male. Not particularly large, but to a 3-year old and to a 10 month old he is "The Big Man". Lily has developed such an attachment to Daddy that if he puts his coat on she starts bawling like the world is ending. There is no such reaction if I leave ;). David is already worried about getting totally wrapped around her little finger and giving her everything she wants with no discretion. Actually he was worried about that 3 days after her birth. When she came home from the hospital we stopped by a clothing store to pick up a few girlie outfits because, well, we had a girl! No yellow or green for her - it was going to be all pink, all the time! While we were in the store he said, "Oh man. It's really, really easy to blow the budget shopping for a girl. We have got to watch out for this one." Anyway, that is how Lily relates to her Big Man.
Tonight at lunch was the first time we heard the phrase "The Big Man" in reference to Daddy though. Moses was told to eat three more bites of his sandwich and his response was, "No Daddy. You're not The Big Man. I don't have to listen to you."
Well, that was a major misunderstanding that was rectified very quickly! Daddy is indeed The Big Man. And until you, little lad, are 17, 18 or so, he will remain the Big Man in stature both physically and authoritatively.
Then at dinner I snapped at David (almost certainly for something that wasn't deserving of such treatment - though somehow, I can't remember...) and Moses' immediate response was, "Mommy. Daddy is The Big Man. I don't think you should talk at him that way. You should say you're sorry at him."
Well, we certainly could use some extra Morality Police on the scene so I'll let it slide that apparently Daddy remains The Big Man and yet I am not yet viewed as The Big Woman. Well, I'm sure that Baby Lovelette III will take care of that misunderstanding, I'll be Big before you know it.

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