Monday, January 21, 2008

Moses the Conniving

Charming and conniving are good words to describe three-year-olds.
A couple hours ago David had taken out his guitar and was practicing a couple songs and Moses suggested that David move into his (Moses') room to play while Moses built a train-track in the living room. This surprised both David and I because usually Moses would beg David to put the guitar down and build a track with him. Plus, the only reason anybody plays in Moses' room is when he wants to build a train-track and he doesn't want Lily to mess it up.
Next Moses brought all the tracks into the room where David was playing the guitar and said, "Maybe I'll build a track in here and you will play your guitar in here too."
Shortly after he struck the final blow with, "Maybeeeee, you put that guitar down and maybeeee you build a track with me."
He had succeeded in getting David in a room, away from Lily and with all the tracks. That is conniving.
On an unrelated topic, we were talking at bedtime about the new baby. He said that it might be a baby boy or a baby girl and that it was getting bigger and bigger. I said, "Moses, do you like babies?" He replied, "Yes, I like babies."
"Why do you like babies?"
"Gecause, they like me."
Well, duh - the oldest reason in the book.

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