Friday, January 18, 2008

Here we go again!

From this...

to this in 9.0 months. Hey - it worked so well in 2007 we figured we'd give it another go in 2008. Announcing the creation of the 3rd Love-Child! Let the growing season begin!
I am very much looking forward to being stretched within an inch, or 1/2 a centimeter, of my life and I'm looking forward even more (imagine!) to holding a third beautiful baby in early September. We have a hunch that this will be a boy but not counting our chickens yet. As with the other Love-children we will not be announcing the gender before we see the little items with our own eyes so feel free to submit name-suggestions for both genders up until the polls close (towards the end of August). We are in special need of girl suggestions.
Having three kids is a bit of a milestone it seems. It feels like we are crossing from the realm of "married with children" to being a family. Not just "a little, young family" but a full-blown family. Still not a "big family" but you get the idea. There's no going back now! It's only a matter of time before people will know that we are either Catholic or Mormon just by looking at us in the grocery store.

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