Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Early Results In (updated 7:26 and 9:31 pm)



and Thompson

are in a dead heat for the Michigan primary win, according to the Loves' unofficial polling of Michigan-voters-we-know-well-enough-to-ask-who-they-voted-for Poll of 2008.
33% split evenly over all three candidates and all three people polled. Updates will be posted if there are any major changes. (as of 4:30 pm)

7:26 pm: This just in...Romney has taken a staggering hit with the vote splitting 3 for Huckabee, 2 for Thompson and Romney just holding in with 1 single, sad, solitary vote. McCain has yet to make a showing.

9:31 pm: We are surprised to announce that neither Thompson or Huckabee actually won in Michigan. This poll just did NOT see that coming. But the creator of this poll did end up with what she wanted (McCain did not win) so will not be complaining too much about the accuracy, or lack there of, of this unofficial poll.

Also, based on the above pictures, the creator of this poll would like to switch her vote from Romney to Thompson in the contest for best-looking candidate .

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