Friday, January 11, 2008

Do I dare?

So, our primary is coming up here in the next few days and we Michigan pro-lifers have got some decisions to make! I am daring to ask you what your opinions are on the Republican field - at the risk of getting no comments because no one else dares to air their political views on the blogosphere. But, I'm really very curious so here it goes ... (non-Michiganders opinions are in demand also!)
I'm voting for Romney (at least until I change my mind again - as has happened frequently over the course of these primary campaigns).
*While I have got my doubts/concerns about a man who ran as a pro-choice candidate in the past - I do believe in conversion and I also trust many of the people that he has surrounded himself with (they are rockin prolifers). Even if he has not had a genuine conversion in principles I think that he will honor his commitment to the movement because of the people has has asked to work for him.
* I think that IF Giuliani's wild scheme to start his momentum in Florida really works then Romney has enough money to chase him down all over the country and beat him out of the nomination (thank you Maria for that point).
And really, really the pro-life goal has to be to keep Giuliani off the ticket. The potential long-term damage to the pro-life position of power in the Repulican party is very frightening if he gets the nomination. The Republican party has GOT to need us - why? Because frankly, we need them. Without them we end up like Britain where the abortion issue isn't even controversial anymore because no major party represents them and prolifers have no political tools to work with.

* Although Romney has placed 2nd in Iowa and NH, and MI could be his last stand, I think that it could also be a case of the tortoise and the hare and MI could be his turning point. He already has more delegates that any other Rep. candidate and his 2nd place finishes in BOTH important places I think looks better then either McCain or Huckabee's 1st place finishes which sort of look like local-flash-in-pan successes, since neither one really made a showing in the other place.

Why not McCain or Huckabee? No on McCain for the obvious - he's barely pro-life and would do NOTHING for us as president. The man has done nothing to prove or even try to prove that he has principles on ANYthing (the war, immigration, taxes), least of all life-issues. He rides the popular wave. But we've all known that about him for a long time.
No for me, with reservations, on Huckabee because I don't think that he's as viable a candidate as Romney. Now, that being said - I'll be watching polls carefully over the weekend (national polls) and reserve the possibility of changing my mind. I'm very convinced of his pro-life principles but man, I don't know if he could go up against Giuliani b/c he's cut so many ties with the base on tax and immigration issues. He's much farther left on those then the base and not all in the base put life first. Lots are going to look at the immigration and taxes and say, forget it - Huckabee is running in the wrong party - and then if it's down to him and Giuliani, Giuliani wins the base and thus, the nomination. So, it's a tough call but ultimately my goal is a short-term one to beat Giuliani - not so much to beat Hillary or Obama. Obviously we have to choose someone who would stand a chance against one of them but their race to too-close-to -call and I would choose Huckabee to run against Obama and Romney to run against Hillary, so since I don't know who'll get the Dem's ticket I'm going for a shorter-term goal of beating out Giuliani.

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