Monday, June 9, 2008

100th Post - On Peter Rabbit

Not the hundredth post on Peter Rabbit, that would really be something to crow about though, wouldn't it? That would probably be an indication that you might blog too much.
Recorded here are a couple of conversations, artificially combined into one conversation, that we've had with Moses about "the new baby."
Mommy: So, Moses - do you want to have a baby boy or a baby girl?
Moese: Ummmmm, maybe a girl or a boy or a baby or sumpin..."
Mommy: What would you like to name the baby if it's a girl?
Moses: How about Posie?
Mommy: Oh, so we'd have Lily and Posie, huh? Good idea. What about if we have a boy - what would you like to name a boy?
Moses: How about Missus TinkeeWinkle (Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, ala Beatrix Potter).
Mommy: I think that's a girls name - how about a different name.
Moses: OK, Peter Rabbit.
Daddy: Well buddy, you know that it's not going to be rabbit.
Moses: (with enough exasperation to convince you that he's actually 15 or 16) I KNOW daddy. It's a baby, not a rabbit (inaudible "duh!" followed by a long ponderous pause). But maybe there could be a rabbit in there too!

Oh, that's what those two long, pointy ear-like things were in the ultrasound...well, now the only question is, what should we name the rabbit?

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