Thursday, June 5, 2008

This Mother's Guilty Pleasures

There are two things which I am experiencing an inordinate amount of pleasure in, especially when I should probably be ashamed of them instead. Since I'm blogging about them I guess that makes me shameless.
Guilty Pleasure #1. The fact that Lily is now old enough to be at least mildly distracted by Baby Einstein. The joy of putting Moses down for a nap and then pulling out the mini-rocking chair and letting Lily climb up and down and sort of watch the dancing toys while I lay on the couch and shut my eyes...THAT is guilty pleasure #1.
Guilty Pleasure #2: The fact that Lily is now old enough to eat McDonald's chicken nuggets. The freedom, the freedom! A person can just get into the car and go, if needs be, knowing that somewhere there will be a pair of golden arches which will satisfy the ENTIRE families need for sustenance (i.e. salt, fat and sugar). No more being trapped to the apartment by the need for separate food preparation for one family member.

My mother should be, and probably is, appalled. She "did not raise you like that!".

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