Friday, June 27, 2008

A Pee!

We have a pee to announce! A pee to blare from the rooftops! A pee to give thanks for! A pee from a little boy who has never had a successful pee in the potty, on the floor, or anywhere except the comfortable confines of a diaper. I would have given this kid a piece of candy for peeing in the middle of the floor at Walmart, at church, on my lap, anywhere! I am envious of people who have to deal with "accidents" because that means that they are at least at the level where accidents can eventually be stopped. See, I've been in a pre-accident stage with no hope that I will ever clean up anything except a diaper. We have had a major holder-situation on our hands, of the UTI variety.
But today! Today of all days! He was running around at my parent's house all afternoon, with my 7-year-old brother, playing with squirt-guns (I don't think that there's a toy on the market that could inspire a little boy to pee more then a squirt-gun, come to think of it) and when David went to pick him up he pulled his diaper down a little and peed in a bush! Just willy-nilly! As if this has never even been an issue. As if, "I pee. I've got no problem with peeing. What? Did you think that I was never going to pee?" David tried to hit the right chord of exuberant praise but casual acceptance (we're saving the champagne for after bedtime) so as not to scare the you-know-what out of him (pun intended - crass as it may be).
Granted, it wasn't in a potty, it was in a bush. But you know, if I need to station a couple of bushes around the house, no problem, it will be worth it. And granted, he wouldn't pee in the potty tonight at home. He used his usual phrase, "ummmm...not tonight, maybe in one day." BUT the fear of the diaper-less pee has suffered its first serious blow. In fact, he ended the night by saying, "You didn't know that I was peeing with David. It was fun to pee with David." I think that David may be making the move to Maryland with us, well David and that bush.
P.S. On second thought, as per the second sentence of this post, I don't want to blare the ACTUAL pee from the rooftops...that could just be messy.

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