Monday, June 2, 2008


*1-year old threw-up all over daddy in his work-clothes. It's going to be a long day.
*Bought a $400 dollar book for $4 on Saturday at a garage sale! Did NOT tell them what suckers they were, tempting as it was.
*Missed out on buying a $3000 book for $4 at same garage sale (3rd edition Darwin's Origin of Species).
*Hung out with good friend yesterday and am now worrying about her throwing up on her work-clothes.
*Can't stop thinking about where my furniture will go in new house. Can't stop talking about it either. Must be becoming annoying to be around.
*Almost died while singing for mass yesterday. OK, didn't almost die but really did almost fall over onto the keyboard player from the Kyrie to the first communion song. Bad blood-pressure day.
*Had a great book-club on Saturday night about "The Consequences of Ideas" by RC Sproul. My husband is so smart.
*Am so excited that my little baby-countdown thing is under 100 days! 6.5 months already people - who'da thunk? This goes by a lot faster the third time round.
*Am beginning to be plagued by all the things that we are leaving behind by moving. Am trying to avoid thinking about them and just trying to enjoy them while we are still here. There's plenty of time to think about them and mourn them once we are actually gone. Oi, it's going to be hard!

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