Thursday, June 5, 2008

Congratulations to the bearded boys

If I have a sport, it's hockey. If I have a team, and I DO, it's the Red Wings. I say, IF I have a sport because in recent years sports have moved lower and lower on my list of interests and time-consuming events. I do love to have college football on in the background during the fall but that's really more of an ambiance thing then anything else, if I'm going to be honest here.
But hockey, I really do enjoy watching. I understand it better then other sports, due to early adolescent influences. The Wings were good back when my mind was a sponge, and the other Detroit sporting establishments were not so much good as much as they were really bad. By the time I moved to a college town and football became socially important my mind was already losing its sponge-like quality and it was also filled with really important things like boys and theology, most likely in that order. Consequently, I have to have the same rules explained to me every time U of Michigan plays Ohio State. But luckily I have four brothers and a husband who I can rotate between and hopefully they don't realize that I'm asking them all the same questions over and over.
So, back to my first sport-love, hockey. Last night the Wings won the Stanley Cup again! There was much relief in our home. Relief for me that we won and relief for David that I didn't ACTUALLY bite his hand off during that last 30 seconds, although I did leave a mark.
Winning reminded me of the year where we lost in the final rounds and I cried. CRIED, like a baby. Then the first year that we won the cup (in my memory) and I cried. Then the year that we watched the winning final game with my friend Betsy as she nursed a dying baby goat and she cried. Last night there was no crying but I was happy. Congratulations to the Wings!
P.S. I'm NOT a fan of the weird bearded woodsmen thing going on with all of these guys. I'm going to join the Facebook group "1 million strong against Crosby growing a beard".

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