Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Birthday Blogging

In spite of throwing up last night out of shear upsetness about getting pink-eye eye drops Moses' birthday has dawned happy and fairly healthy for him. Not so for Lily who is sitting miserably on my lap and is burning up in spite of dosing her with Ibuprofen, poor darling. My fever has broken for the big day, thank God. I couldn't take anymore lying around on the couch or bed watching the mess grow and grow.
My Mother-in-law came by and, like a saint, did a load of laundry, grocery shopped for essentials and made the birthday cake. Wow. I laid there like a lump just trying to ignore the aching. OK, here's our birthday pics so far for the day. How can a day go wrong when you start with pancakes loaded with chocolate, whipped creme and smiles? Oh, here's how: at 3 we are all getting flu shots and/or immunizations for the big 4th birthday. Poor Moses.
Hopefully there will also be a trip to Toys R Us in the mix. But check out the cake - cool, huh?

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