Friday, November 21, 2008

Quick Takes Friday

Thanks to Jen for the idea! Visit her for lots more quick takes (good grammar that, huh?).
1. There is SNOW. On the ground. I can still see the grass and I'm sure it will melt by noon but it's so homey and reminds me so much of being home that I put on Christmas music (I know, SO liturgically incorrect for my domestic church but hey - I'm no liturgy Nazi), put the kids snow pants, mittens, hats, etc. on (SO overkill!) and took a ton of pictures. Right now we are enjoying hot quadat (chocolate). We just have to embrace all the winter we can get down here in the deep south of Maryland.
2. Academic families are mobile families. Every August there is an influx and out flux of families from our little community. This makes me sad. It makes me feel unstable. The plus side is that the influx brings really interesting people because generally academic families are interesting - at least to other academic families :). But I hate to think that next August we will say goodbye to some of the people who welcomed us here this August.
3. We aren't healthy. This is a boring fact and so I will leave it at that but let's just say that all of our orifices are leaking and none are emitting pleasant things.
4. I have instituted a new rule that Moses can have a dessert every night but only if he tries one bite of something new. He generally eats about four foods (all highly processed) and will not even try desserts that he is unfamiliar with. So, in an effort break the nugget-cycle I am trying to bribe him out of his fears. It has not even worked once.
Me: Moses, I have an idea! How about if you eat one piece of cheese, dipped into my soup and then you can have dessert?
Moses: How about if I have pasta and then I have dessert?
Me: No. The new rule is that you need to try something new before dessert.
Moses: Hey! I have an idea! How about you change your mind?!
5. I am reading The Reed of God for Advent - again. I've read it for Advent every year for 3 or 4 years and get more out of it every year. I can't recommend it highly enough. Caryll Houselander offers tremendous insight into the role of Mary in the world, especially as the bearer of Christ. Thanks to my mom for the suggestion.
6. ALSO - Tolkien has a collection of stories about Father Christmas that are wonderful and little known. I love them, they are very clever. Probably best for grade school children.

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