Thursday, March 25, 2010

3.5 months old

The "counting chins" edition (just for you auntie):

Also known as the Bumbo-age.

Excuse me if all the pictures involve the Bumbo, I just give the child what she wants and this is what she wants.
Cecilia Noel at three and half months:
smiles and coos to all
takes fabulously long naps when swaddled in her swing
SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT (someone upstairs must love me)
Is finally fairly content when she's awake
fits 6 month clothes in length but not in girth
continues to reinfect me (or I her) with thrush (boo and hiss)
is nicknamed "worry wort" because she has a perpetually concerned look on her face. I'm pretty sure this is due to Thomas "loving her"
Is a big fan of the Baby Hawk but not so much the Ergo
That is my sweet, soft, pink girl.

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  1. Now that hits the spot :D And that's a lot of chins. And still very blue eyes. LOVE HER! and I love that her foot has clearly escaped the sleeper in the top pic. Way to go Cece. Love ya!