Monday, March 15, 2010

conversation over pancakes

Rosie: Jesus is God and I remember Jesus is God. And Jesus is my friend. And he is Anthony's friend.
Anthony: You don't know who my friend is.
Rosie (knowingly): YOU know...Jesus is your friend. And he died on the cross and Mary is sad. That's bad for Mary, he just died on the cross. Isn't that bad? He rose from the dead and I'm going to see the rose-from-the-dead of God-Jesus. And Jesus rose from the dead of the whale, I mean fish. And that's bad, and soft. Jonah and the whale, we have that movie but we don't have the Jesus rose from the dead movie.
Mommy, Jesus died on the cross and Mary, I mean, Jesus, is now God. G-G-God.
Sorry for spitting on your computer, mommy.

[this was a direct transcription. From their mouths to your eyes]


  1. I love how theological conversations with kiddos turn from the profound to the ridiculous in seconds. Hilarious!

  2. That is awesome. Go Rosebud. Discuss the deep theological issues of the day!