Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm so proud...

This week I spent several afternoon naps working on transforming the shed (oh yes, the famous shed from the Poop Chronicles, vol. 1) into the playhouse of my dreams. For the kids. Right...

Here's the raw material we had to work with. A shed that barely fit the lawnmower, and shovels that you see there...LOT of spiders, old wasps nests, some rotting wood and years worth of mud. The sweeping and mopping out of the place took 2 days. I stopped when the water running out the doorway was just dirty instead of being pure mud.

VERY rough first coat of paint. It was supposed to be teal but most of the color seems soaked out into the raw wood. I have a sneaking suspicion that I might never get around to a 2nd coat...

Moving Day. "I'm sure I never gave her leave to borrow my wheel-barrow!" Bonus points if you can tell me the name of the classic children's tale that is from (no Googling, now!)

Rosie is taking her role has house mother quite seriously. While I was trying to take this picture she kept yelling, "Stop! I'm cooking!!!" Hmmm...look in the mirror lately?

The always present "reading corner", no home is complete without it.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is an adorable playhouse! Great job!

    And the quote is from Beatrix Potter's "Tale of Samuel Whiskers"... that's my girls' favorite! Occasionally, while they're cooking at their play kitchen, I'll hear them admonish each other in squeaky voices, "Nonsense! Butter and dough!"

  2. Ahhhhhh I love it!!!! So stinking cute!!! And how fun for the kiddos. And how fun to get some of those fun toys out of your kitchen and into a place of their own. I am so impressed... and a little jealous- that is clearly the playhouse of my dreams too.

  3. That's sooooo great! Well done! Love the picture of Anthony in his lazy chair :) What lucky kids! Hopefully your energy investment buys you many warm happy days of peace and contentment :)

  4. Of course I knew that one!
    The Tale of Samuel Whiskers or most recently titled The Tale of the Rolly Polly Pudding which I had to hide because I got tired of reading such a long book at the end of the day.
    David says he MUST have one of those sheds. Only my daughter could have made such a transformation. (She's good with laundry rooms too)
    Mom (Grandma)