Saturday, March 20, 2010

Homeshooling Follies

We have been reading through the Childcraft book "The Green Kingdom" and discovering why leaves turn red in the fall, why bark is rough, how seeds grow, and other fascinating kindergarten-level science facts. I'm thoroughly enjoying my spring this way and I think that Anthony is too.

So yesterday we were doing our daily visiting with the crocuses and daffies in the garden (we are now up to 3 colors, yellow, purple and white) and I start to point out the anatomy of the flowers to Anthony which we had just read about the day before.
"Look buddy! Remember, these are the anthers and this is the stigma?!"
That's OK, I think - it's a bit complicated for a 5-year-old, we have lots of years to drill this into his head. At least he's interested in the different colors of flowers we have.
"Hey, mommy? Is that the pollen? And the bees will fly around from flower to flower and get the nectar and the pollen will stick to their legs and they will fly to the next flower and that flower will start to make new flowers?"
"Yes, Anthony! VERY GOOD! I'm so excited that you remembered all that!" I'm now swelling with pride. Homeschooling is the greatest! Where else would he learn all of this at the age of five?
"Yes, mommy. I learned all that on Dinosaur Train."
"Oh," I said, deflated. "And we read about it in a book, right?" I ask hopefully.
"Um. I don't know but it was definitely on Dinosaur Train."
Pride goeth before the fall.

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