Friday, March 19, 2010

Brilliant Father Moment

One of the smarter things my man has thought of recently is worth sharing with the wider toddler-having world. Possibly even with the mischievous-puppy-having world. We had taken to keeping our kitchen trash-can up on a counter. It was pretty gross, really. We were driven to this because Thomas works like a flash. The second you would put the trash-can on the floor he would dart through one door of the kitchen, through the kitchen, and out the other door, grabing the trash-can on his way through, dragging it behind him and strewing trash all over the floor. Often disgusting combinations of coffeegroundssmashedbananacoldoatmeal(because we do not have a garbage disposal). Hence the counter trash.
John came up with this brilliant counter-offensive:
put 20 lbs of handweights at the bottom of the trash-can, under the bag. Since implementing this measure we have had zero coffeegroundssmashedbananacoldoatmeal on the floor incidents. God bless thinking men. May this help you in your own toddler and/or puppy wars.


  1. You should submit that to

  2. Brilliant! Unfortunately for us, our problem is a tad different. Our little guy has never tried to wander off with the trash, he just loves to eat it. Especially coffee grounds. yuck!

  3. Yay John! And this is why it is so important to marry into brilliance :D