Thursday, July 3, 2008

Their-cation: The sequel to the ever popular My-cation

I meant to post before we left on vacation but instead here I am with 3 days of vacation left and I've finally found my way around to the computer. We are on a Their-cation adventure! 11 kids all under the age of 5 in one house. You can visit Karen if you want the hosts perspective on this circus-act.

It has actually been really fun and there have been several relaxing moments so far. Today, I think that all but one kid was down for a nap/quiet-time AT THE SAME TIME for a couple hours. When this happens we crank up the baby monitors and party like it's 1999. Really. In 1999 none of these children were even a glimmer in our eyes. In fact, in 1999 I was in northern Michigan with this same group of people over New Years and when I think back to how different things are makes me very grateful. There are 11 little bodies and souls that have been born out of the love and relationships that were forged back then.

Several of my friends who are up here with us dated through highschool and college...actually, not several, all. I'm the only one who married an Outsider - someone I hadn't met as a minor. Anyway, when I think back to the fun we had in highschool and college I sometimes wish for that freedom - what parent doesn't occasionally? But today as I watched all of these new little bodies run around in the sand and splash in the water and collect rocks and bugs; as I watched them develop their own relationships and and preferences for one friend or another; as I listened to them tell their newly acquired knock-knock jokes, I was struck with the realization that five years ago not one of these kids existed, except in the mind of God.

11 little bodies and souls. Born out of the ordinary love of my friends and out of God's love and generosity to all of us. It's easy to think about how different life is now for our little group as compared to life five years ago but the really amazing thing is that there are 11 little people here who are alive at all. Someday, I pray, they will all be blessed by having their own little people running around and changing their lives for the better. Life is good. God is good.

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