Friday, July 25, 2008

Last Weekend

So, we are leaving with a bang! We drive away in one week and since there's nothing like leaving in a flurry of activity we are preparing to:
Friday: Attend a rehearsal for a wedding we are providing music for; Attend my brother's 7th birthday, complete with squirt gun "capture the flag"; David will go out for one last "guys night" in A2.
Saturday: Attend said wedding, sing and play, attend reception and say goodbye to most of the people we know (who are all gathered together very conveniently in a large group so as to make the parting easier - or maybe they are gathered together for that marriage thing...either way it's very convenient for me).
Sunday: Early mass, followed by my brother Nick's 24th birthday party, complete with Tiger's baseball game and dinner in Greek Town
Monday: Dinner with some of David's former students
Tuesday: Celebration dinner with a dear friend of mine who will be in town after making his final profession into the CFRs.
Wednesday: Pick up giant truck and start to load it.
Thursday: Continue to load giant truck in the evening after our help gets off work.
Friday: Drive in a giant caravan to MD and sleep on mattresses...

It will be busy and I'm hoping will leave me little time for reflection because it's a little too sad to think about right now. Just stay busy packing, stay busy unpacking, stay busy having a newborn and then one day I'll wake up and be "home" in my new home. That's my plan.

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