Sunday, July 6, 2008

R&R - check!

We had a very successful trip home from the big vacation up at Long Lake. We even managed a stop in at Bronner's, the big Christmas store where Moses managed to score a B&O railroad Christmas ornament. People slept, people sang, people ate and AMAZINGLY no people pooped. Quite a feat. Lily has a very loud/painful diaper rash and so we were really aiming for a no-poop trip.
We had such a fabulous time with some of our Michigan friends and really got to spend quality time before we move away, which I'm certain would not have happened if weren't for the Mitzel's generosity.
The kids all had a wonderful time together - I don't know how Moses is going to survive without 10 other kids within a few years of his age to play with constantly. I guess that's what they call school. Too bad the poor, lonely fellow will probably end up home schooled. Just kidding - about the lonely fellow part. I really am surprised at how well they all played together - there were hardly any run-ins, at least that I was aware of.
It was a real calm before the storm for us. And we needed it. These next three weeks are going to be so packed! Packed with packing, packed with emotion, packed with goodbyes and hellos, my body is getting packed with an ever-growing baby, we are just a packed, packed people. This made us even more grateful for the slow-pace, great company, pleasant weather and fun of this last vacation.
There's a much better post about our vacation (which includes pictures and funny kids stories at the bottom!) over at our generous hosts, the Mitzels.

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