Friday, July 11, 2008

The long-awaited train

So we're off-we are off to the toy store to buy a train. You know what this means, don't you? This means that we have had our first indoor, in-a-toilet-pee.
The occasion? David had to go to the bathroom. My 7-year-old brother was over helping us enjoy the pool (it's always more fun with David, isn't it?) and we had to run home because he had a bathroom situation that wasn't really suitable for the bushes, at least not for our particular species of animal.
Moses expressed great eagerness at the opportunity to go to the bathroom with David (we haven't seen him since Tuesday and peeing alone outside our building is getting old, especially to the neighbors who's window has a wonderful view of his favorite spot). So when David had finished his business, Moses and David went into the bathroom and shut the door (David and I are NEVER allowed to view the proceedings - a circumstance which has me on the verge of buying a video monitor). When they emerged a few short minutes later I asked if Moses had peed in the toilet.
Moses: No
David: Yes, he did.
Me: Did you Moses?
Moses: No
David: Yes he did, I don't know why he's saying he didn't. I saw him.
David occasionally tells a tall tale but it almost invariably holds some benefit for himself and I could not see why he would be lying. On the other hand, I couldn't see why Moses would be lying. But eventually, when told that there would be a train in the future for a boy who DID, indeed, pee in the toilet Moses admitted it. I tried to give him a high-five and congratulate him but he is insisting on keeping a low profile about the whole thing. No celebration, no applause, no parades, no BIG DEAL.
Which is why I think he lied about it. I made such a big deal last November when we nearly gave him a UTI by making him walk around the house without a diaper and overdid it with the candy and promises and just generally scared him away with all the attention. Moses often says to me, "I don't want anyone to look at me." He's just that kind of kid. So, we will quietly walk into the train store and play this off as no-big-deal and pray that it repeats itself again in the near future.
This success makes me think that I won't need to station bushes around our new rental home (a fact which I am sure our landlady will appreciate) but it looks like David will still be moving with us.

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