Monday, July 7, 2008

Opinion, anyone?

I realize that I am bound to pass on some of my opinionatedness to my children. There's just no escaping it. But don't you think that this is a little too much?
As we are driving away from Aunt Reenie's house...
Moses: I don't want to turn left, I just want to turn right!
Mommy: But if we turn right then we will be going away from our house and we need to go back home.
Moses: No left! Just right!
Mommy: (realizing that there are NO right turns all the way home but thankfully we have to take a detour that does give us a couple right turns) Ummm...OK, how about first we make a few lefts and then a some rights.
Moses: NOOOO!!!! Only one right!
We eventually do take one right (and one other that we successfully distract him from noticing) and he laughs and shouts with jubilation.

Jeez. Life could get very interesting with both of us under one roof.

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