Friday, May 2, 2008

Do-ers and Yards

I am generally a do-er. This does not mean that I am constantly doing, but it does mean that if I am not doing then I feel really guilty about it and have a hard time enjoying myself. This brings me to the fact that I have lived in an apartment for the last 4 years. Which, in turn, brings me to the fact that I have been yardless for the same amount of time. This is obviously a detriment when parenting a 3-year-old boy but it is a less obvious detriment for a do-er. A yard gives the Do-er the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without feeling like you are neglecting the "real work" that in inevitably indoors. We will be moving in a couple months and even if we just have a teeny yard I am hoping to encounter the great outdoors again without the nagging feeling that I'm just indulging myself. Give me responsibility!

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