Thursday, May 1, 2008

St. Joseph the Worker

I'm making a special appeal to the big Joe today for David and his job. He chose Joseph as his confirmation saint, we are in the middle of a Novena to St. Joseph about door number three, and today is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker - very appropriate for our situation. I thought that the prayer at the end of Morning Prayer today was perfect for David.

God our Father,
creator and ruler of the universe, in every age you call man to develop and use his gifts for the good of others. With St. Joseph as our example and guide, help us to do the work you have asked and come to the rewards you have promised.

I love it when the liturgical world and my world line up so neatly. It's very convenient and comforting.

Art: Detail from the right wing of Triptych of the Annunication - Robert Campin, Netherlands (Bruges), ca 1378-1444 (Oil on Panel)
The Cloisters Collection, 1956 - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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