Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Honey, I'm home!

I really, really believe that there should be a half-way house for parents returning from any weekend away. Being a mom with little kids at home all day keeps you keyed up - ready for anything - on your toes. Being a mom away from her little kids for a weekend transforms all of those instincts and senses into mush. The last two days have now left me thinking: "How do I do this on a regular basis?" I'm completely exhausted.
BUT, drumroll please, I did find us a house in Maryland! We are just renting for the year but that proved to be quite a challenge to pull off when the town you are living in has 800 households total - 2000 people. Not only did I find a house, or should I say, not only did God provide a house for us but it's a house with YARD, that's four-doors down from the parish (that has an 8:30 am daily mass!!! and a cry-room!!!), a 4-minute drive to the Seminary and is wheelchair accessible for my dad and has a 1st-floor guest room for him. God is good, good, good. I also love everyone who I met. Also, well here's a few things that I loved about our new home:
Our parish rings bells every hour and I can hear them.
There are poppies planted in the median of the highway.
There are outlet stores nearby.
My realtor knows everybody in the town and hugged me.
My landlady knows everybody in the town and hugged me.
You have to walk down to the post-office everyday to get your mail (where do I live, Avonlea?).
All of the parades in town go right past my house.
I will live near a historic covered bridge, with a train track next to it (OK, that second part is for Moses).
There are two railroad museums nearby. OK, that's also for Moses.
I live on the corner of Seton and Depaul (yeah, that's as in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Vincent Depaul)
The florist in town is called The Little Flower's Florist.
There are three Catholic Bookstores in town. They are the only bookstores in town.
In other words, I couldn't be moving to a Catholic-er little place.
And I really, really can't even describe to you the gorgeous scenery that I drove through.

This job just keeps turning out to be more and more perfect, and not just for David, for all of us. It's like God actually does have a plan or something. I know it will be hard to leave, there's really no way around that but God is making it so clear that this is the place for us that we can at least go forward confidently and joyfully. And with a guest room (hint, hint again).

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