Friday, May 9, 2008

Open wide the doors to Christ (and David)!

Wow! It actually happened! David was just offered a position as Assistant Professor of Theology (a mix of systematics and morality) at Mt. St. Mary's Seminary in Maryland. The "Mount" as it is affectionately called by those in the area. I have to admit that this blog is that last "person" informed because it was important that David let his current employer and my family around here in on the news first, you know. Please don't take offense, dear blog.
My first reaction was, "it's over!". "It" being the waiting period between finishing his doctorate and getting a job that makes getting that doctorate not look like a mistake. I am so ready to move on from the insecurity of a "temporary" job. No more long-term renting, no more wondering what next fall will bring, no more sending out resumes endlessly and getting rejection letters endlessly, no more part-time adjunct teaching, no more dissatisfied husband. Obviously this last one is worth a great deal, even moving away from all of the wonderfulness that we have here in A2.
Humans, especially women, crave permanence. I think it's a signpost of our God-given desire for eternity. You know, "Lord, it is good that we are here. We could build three tents!" So, while is has been good that we have lived here and as much as I would love to "build tents" and set up the Love-shop here the fact is that tent-building materials are in rather short supply and so I am thrilled to be going to build a tent somewhere where the materials are as great as they are at The Mount.
Not only is the Seminary one with a good reputation for orthodoxy and turning out some damn good priests but it's just beautiful. I think that even if I'm missing the comforts of this home I will not be able to help being happy, surrounded by so much beauty. Anyway, that's all I have time for right now because the petting farm is calling me.
I have to admit that I have hardly paid any attention to my children all week because the night we found out he got the job (they offered it to him at 10:15 pm - should I be worried about David keeping strange hours?) we were so excited that we couldn't sleep. We pretended to sleep from 12:30 - 5 or so but then we just decided to shove it and get up and have a big, fried breakfast. I still haven't really recovered - from the sleep-deprivation, the fried breakfast I had no problem taking in stride. I've been running on sheer adrenalin for days now. Adrenalin makes for me doing everything BUT paying attention to the kids and they are getting rather antsy for it. So, we are going to the petting farm where I hope that I will be able to focus long enough to give them a little bit of myself that has really already moved and is now in residence in Maryland.

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