Monday, May 19, 2008

over the weekend...

I've decided to try to update more regularly, even if I can't think of a clever way to talk about the mundanities of life. I mean, at this rate I'll never reach my 100th post (which apparently is a big deal, I keep hearing about them). So, hopefully David teaching all these night classes will provide me with ample opportunity to update.
This Saturday was the first day that David has not had to work since he got the job offer and let me tell you, this is going to be fun. We went to the zoo for the first time all together since last summer and the difference is amazing. It was so carefree, even though we have lots and lots of "cares" revolving around the short-term (where will we live? will the insurance work out to pay for the delivery of Lovelett? Why the h__l did we buy a Honda if it's going to cost us $8,000 of repairs the second it hits 100,000 miles?). All of our cares have switched from being long-term career and home concerns to being short-term and let me tell you! I'll take short-term woes anytime over the long-term ones! Because, you see, I know that come September I am going to have a roof over my head, one way or another. I know that this baby will exit my body (that knowledge only comes after the first pregnancy - the first you're not particularly confident about that, if my memory serves me). And at some point we will either sell the freakin Honda or it will stop breaking. So, the knowledge that we have a stable, long-term "career job" puts all the short-term concerns in perspective and gives me the ability to be grateful even for the craziness of the next couple months.
So, the zoo was a blast!
I've been accused of not including enough child-centered posting lately and I agree that there has been a shortage. Sorry, I've just got Maryland on the brain. So...
Today as we were taking our evening stroll through the neighborhood (well, the neighborhood that is behind my apartment complex that I borrow) there were about 10 kids all playing in the front yard of a house. Moses very cautiously pushed his tricycle, Flintstone-style, past - watching like a hawk. About 1/2 a block down he says, "I wike those kids. I would wike to pway wif dem. But not today. Because I am too shy still." Moral of the story: Know Thyself.
Also, I love the sense of time that 3-year-olds have. Anything that happened before the last time I woke up is "yesterday". So, we went to Mass before his nap and after his nap that experience has now moved from today to "yesterday". Also, the trip we took to VA last July took place "yesterday". David has been playing softball on Thursdays and we all go to cheer. So, Moses told me today that we will go to another baseball game in 2 years and he will love it.
On Potty-training. I really don't know if it will ever happen. He is a holder and hold he will until he makes himself sick. And we are not just talking about #2 people, we're talking about all of it. So, we've been having some sort of mild viral bug that has taken up home of all the digestive tracks available to it in this residence. And after using about a months worth of diapers in one week (and still have two very red bottoms in spite of it) I am suddenly very aware that I am responsible for wiping 3 of the 4 butts in this home. That is at least 1 too many. I haven't decided what to do about it but that is very much on my mind. While I'm hoping that this falls into the category of "short-term concerns" I fear that "long-term" may be more likely. OK, I'm going to watch House now. Toodles.

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