Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flowers, poop and coughs

Woke up to coughs and fevers in the mini-Loves. BUT also woke up to two normal-looking poops from the mini-Loves. So, out with one and in with another. I'll take the coughs and runny noses over the exciting diapering any day so I guess I'd say I'm grateful. Regardless, we are taking a sick-day and are on our second viewing of 101 Dalmations before noon.

Yesterday we went out for my Mother's Day gift to my mom - flower shopping. I've "given" her this same gift of going out with her and buying her flowers for her garden for 3 years in a row or so...perhaps a little lame since I keep doing the same thing but kind of nice too. It was lovely.

She got to spread some of her excitement about gardening and flowers onto the next generation and Moses was a willing student. He even stayed late so that he could help her "pwant sap-dwagons".

He also called her first thing in the morning to ask if he could have a snap dragon for his house. We'll have to see how Snaps do in a pot on a windowsill that doesn't get much direct sun...I just killed 4 pansy plants and his fish in the past week so I think he's growing accustomed to death and dying at his mothers caring, responsible hands. And yet God still allowed me to get pregnant a third time...sometimes you've got to question his judgment, even with the whole omniscient thing.

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